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Recent News:


Oops! It’s been a while guys. Here is what I’ve been up to for the past half a year!

  • BattleRite is available now on Steam for Early Access! Check it out, I voice Pearl
  • I voice a whole bunch of roles for http://www.sapphirefoxx.com/, check them out! I also helped cast some more recent animations.
  • I voice An in the english dub of Castle Town Dandelion, which you can purchase on funimation here. If you are a subscriber you can watch the first episode online too!
  • Check out the latest video featuring Osana Najimi in Yandere Simulator here
  • I voice Francy in the newest season of Spike Team! They just signed a global distribution deal
  • And more! Check out my Resume to see all the cool things I work on!

JUNE 2016

For more in-depth updates, click here!

  • HunieCam Studio was released in early April! I voice both Brooke and Audrey
  • The Teaser for My Wife is the Student Council President was released! I will be voicing Ui Wakana
  • I wrote half of Charger Girl Juden-Chan, as well as directed the series! We wrapped in early June and it will be coming out later this summer. I also voice Plug!
  • The demo for Apron Academy is out! I voice Victoria Pollack
  • Seduce Me 2: The Demon War has been released! You can hear me as the crazy Aezera, mother of Matthew.
  • Rio: Rainbow Gate is being dubbed! In addition to helping cast and direct the title, I will be playing Rina.
  • Caramel Mokaccino is now on Kickstarter! I reached it’s goal for VO and I will be playing one of the leads, Annie!
  • YIIK: A Postmodern RPG was a hit at PAX East 2016! It’s coming out later this summer.
  • I play the snappy USS Boise in Victory Belles – She’s a firecracker!
  • Check out the upcoming visual novel The Letter! You can hear me as the creepy and cute Kylie
  • Fairy Tail Part 20 is now available! You can hear me as Michelia in the prologue of the Tartaro Arc
  • You can see me at both Connecticon 2016 this July and Liberty City Anime Con this August!